TF series Quail egg peeler

 Suitable the quail egg(bird egg) peeling,high peeling capacity:10,000 eggs per hr

Made of Stainless steel,easy to cleaning and maintance. 

Suitable the food factory,bird egg wholeseller,supermarket etc.....\

voltage:220V  /  110V
motor power:400W

Duck egg peeler

 This machine is specailize for boiled duck egg peeler.

The machine is made of stinaless steel.

peeling capacity: 5000 duck eggs per hr

voltage:220V or 110V  or 380V

J-518 SERIES egg breaker

Suitable the bakery factory,food factory,egg can factory,egg wholeseller etc....

The machine have egg white and egg yolk seperate function.

The machine made of stainelss steel,easy to cleaning.

voltage:220V /110V
motor power:370W

Egg Breaking capacity:

J-518SA :12,800 eggs per hr
J-518SB:7600 eggs per hr
J-518SC:3500 eggs per hr

TF-258 Hen egg peeling machine (Boiled egg )

capacity:15,000-20,000 eggs /hr
made of stainless steel